With everyone in the UK still confined to their homes during the COVID-19 lockdown, what can you do if you tumble dryer breaks down?

Assuming that your machine isn’t included on Whirlpool’s latest recall list, then the good news is that for many tumble dryer problems, a bit of troubleshooting at home can remedy the solution.

At any ordinary time, never mind during a global pandemic, a dead-looking dryer can be its own crisis leaving you with a full load of wet washing that you desperately need to dry. But perform these simple checks before you call an engineer during the lockdown.

Is the tumble dryer plugged in and is it switched on at the mains?

Is the problem with the plug socket or the dryer’s plug? Plug in another product and see whether it works through the same socket you usually use for the dryer. If it does, you know the socket is fine. If it doesn’t, the problem is likely to be with the socket.

Has the dryer’s dial clicked onto the correct program? For dryers controlled through a dial, sometimes you’ll find that if the dial doesn’t quite click round to the right program, the dryer won’t work.

Why is my tumble dryer heating up but not drying my clothes properly?

Here are a few checks you can carry out to troubleshoot this problem:

Is the fluff filter full? If there’s too much fluff in the filter, the quality of drying will fall and when it’s completely clogged, the dryer will stop working altogether until it has been cleared. If this is the case, check the filter and clean off all the fluff.

Is the water tank full? Another reason for your dryer not working could be that the water tank is full and just needs emptying. Most dryers will use LEDs or will beep to let owners know when this happens. So, empty the water tank and see whether your machine springs back to life.

If you still need fixed price appliance repairs from a professional, then get in touch!

Troubleshooting Your Tumble Dryer During The Lockdown