It should come as no surprise that the current pandemic has had a profound impact on almost every aspect of our lives.

This is also effecting the appliance industry.

Appliance suppliers have seen a massive surge of consumers looking for new appliances. From freezers during lockdowns to store food, to customers looking for a new TV to enjoy a Netflix binge.

Appliance manufacturers are also struggling. Less employees are able to work meaning their output is heavily impacted. It’s no surprise that stock levels are lower than before the pandemic.

UK White Goods Previously reported that this was going to become an issue in the UK.

This has resulted in some being unable to buy their key appliances they need for in the home. It’s also reported that in some cases this has been more costly for customers. Many are having to pay substantially more than normal for basic home appliances such as fridges & freezers to ensure they don’t go without.

This has resulted in many looking to repair their appliance instead of replacing it. This is more environmentally friendly and can save hundreds of pounds. Many consumers find it quicker than waiting for a new appliance to be back in stock!

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UK Appliance Stock Shortages