When you’re looking to renovate your kitchen space, factoring in new appliances can be an unnecessary expense, especially when you have fixed price appliance repairs at your disposal. A new kitchen can be one of the biggest costs in renovating a property, but if you’re smart with your decision-making, even a small budget can stretch far. Here are our tips on how you can make it work for you.

The question you need to ask yourself about your existing kitchen cabinetry is, regardless of the style, is the quality of the internals good enough and is the kitchen laid out how works best for you and your family. It may be that your problem with the kitchen is just a matter of the style of the finishing, in which case you can make some changes easily and affordable.

Something like a traditional Shaker style kitchen doesn’t go out of style, so even if yours is looking a little bit worse for wear, its easy enough to give it a transformation by filling in any nicks with wood filler and giving it a new lick of paint. Just think how much of a new personality you could give your space!

If your cabinetry is not the style you want or is in too bad shape to repair, then it could be the case that you could choose to replace just the doors, not the cabinetry. There are companies that could help in all sorts of ways, from bespoke carpenters to retailers of third-party doors that fit the likes of Ikea kitchens. There are also some companies that specialise in quick one-day kitchen makeovers with brand new doors made to fit your cabinetry specifically, and only take your kitchen out of action for one day, a good idea if you’ve got a busy family life.

These companies also offer options for changing work surfaces – another way to transform your kitchen space. Laminates are an affordable option for a kitchen, but unlike wood, they have to specially manufactured by the retailer to order to fit your space. Wood, or other solid core surfaces, including products such as Bushboard, can actually be cut with traditional woodworking tools, so if you have the skills, or you have a friend who owes you a favour, you could well save money on the cost of having it made to size.

For a modern style of kitchen, making a drastic change such as removing wall cabinetry really helps to open up the space and help a small room feel larger. If you’re not in need of so much dedicated storage, you can do this and replace with open shelving, on which you can curate your favourite kitchen accessories.

How To Renew And Replace Your Kitchen On A Budget