Most of us have countless electrical appliances in our homes, from toasters and kettles to washing machines and dishwashers. Therefore, it is not surprising that two-thirds of all households worry that some of their devices might be dangerous without even knowing it.

This is according to the latest findings from British Gas, which revealed the average Brit has three broken electrical gadgets and more than half do not check their household appliances as recommended by their manufacturers.

Its survey of 3,050 adults also found one in ten Brits would use a device even if it ‘sparked’, while half have received an electric shock from a faulty appliance in the past.

Lauren Vazquez, engineer and safety expert for British Gas, recognised that Brits have so many electronic devices these days, which makes it difficult to continuously check if they are in good working order.

“But it’s important to keep an eye on whether they’re working as they should be,” she stated, adding: “Some of the unsafe appliances we’ve come across could have had a devastating effect on our customers’ health and safety, had we not identified them.”

The survey also found that as many as two-thirds still use an appliance even if they know it is faulty, which could be extremely dangerous in the long-run.

Indeed, earlier this year Whirlpool recalled half a million tumble dryers as a safety precaution due to them being a fire risk.

These machines have caused more than 750 fires over the last 11 years, BBC News previously revealed.

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Two-thirds Of Brits Worry About Faulty Appliances