Restaurant equipment appears to be hindering the progress of food businesses all over the country, with dishwashers in particular causing problems because of breakdowns.

A poll carried out by Miele Professional, reported on by the Food Service Equipment Journal, revealed that dishwashers in half the restaurants had a breakdown at least once every three months, with 26 per cent of businesses experiencing downtime of over 20 business hours.

Faulty equipment has had an impact on customer experiences, as well as operations and brand reputation. Because of breakdowns and faults with dishwashers, 64 per cent said staff workloads increased, while 55 per cent said service was slower as a result.

In spite of this, restaurants seem keen to increase the amount of dishwashing done by these appliances in order to decrease handwashing in all areas. Reasons for this were that handwashing is considered worse than a machine where speed is concerned and worse for hygiene.

National account manager at Miele Professional Simon Hart was quoted by the news source as saying: “Our market research revealed a number of key insights that restaurateurs need to take into account – most notably, the importance of fully-functioning and reliable equipment on day-to-day operations, the customer experience and the wider reputation of the business.”

However, it was also noted that the trend for serving food creatively in restaurants was making it hard to get the dishwashing job done, with lots of different materials being used and plates in different shapes, colours and sizes.

The range and type of glassware has risen by 73 per cent, while serving and tableware, and crockery, has climbed by 59 per cent – which indicates that there may be a need for a more adaptable and efficient dishwashing process.

Common dishwasher faults

Leaking is an issue you may well have to deal with at some point in the future. Firstly, check the door and seal, looking out for any damage or anything that’s got stuck in it that’s stopping it from shutting properly. If you spot any cracks, you might have to replace the seal.

Bad smells can also rear their head from time to time and it’s probably down to old food. Clean the inside of the door and see if you can see any food inside. Also use a cleaning solution regularly to help keep it in good working order and get rid of any trapped food.

Not drying dishes

If you’re finding that the dishes are still wet when the cycle has finished, it might be a problem with the heating element. It could also be that the high-limit thermostat (which stops the appliance from getting too hot) could be faulty.

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Faulty Dishwashers Making Restaurants ‘Inefficient’