Everyone is guilty of those days when it’s quicker or easier to bundle all of your laundry in to your washer/dryer, whether it’s convenience, or just to save time. But correctly separating your loads can prolong the life of your clothing, and avoid those unfortunate mishaps leaving expensive clothing and items ruined. Together with fast appliance repair, you’ll always have fresh clean laundry.

Things To Avoid

Washing heavily soiled items with moderately and lightly soiled clothing can leave the entire load only half washed, and leave contact stains from grimy or greasy items such as workwear.

Washing brightly coloured items with pale and white items can cause colour transfer.

Delicate items can get damaged in the wash and dry cycles by friction and contact with buttons, studs, zips, and rough fabrics.

How To Separate And Sort Your Laundry

Always check the washing instructions on the label of anything new or unfamiliar. Make a note of any specific temperature or drying care.

Sort your laundry by colour, such as whites, darks, pale/pastels, and jeans.

Pre-treat any items heavily soiled, particularly those with grease or oil stains, and wash separately to prevent debris and odours being transferred.

Tips And Tricks

Treat stains as soon as possible, before they have chance to set in.

Turn dark coloured items inside out to avoid fading.

Empty your washer/dryer as soon as possible once the cycle is complete, so to avoid excessive ironing.

Use mesh washing bags for small and delicate items, and to keep socks paired up.

Ensure your washer and dryer is in good working order, and maintained. For fast appliance repair get in touch with us today.

Sorting And Separating Your Laundry