Households have been reminded to be careful if they have a Whirlpool oven, after a woman revealed hers blew up while she was looking after her granddaughter.

Christine Burton told the Daily Mail how her appliance was in its self-cleaning mode when its door blew off, with the glass shattering and the metal handle flying across the kitchen.

She was watching her four-year-old granddaughter Poppy in the living room at the time, while her oven was ten minutes into the cycle.

Speaking to the publication, the 65-year-old said: “It was a very loud explosion, like a bomb.”

Ms Burton said the inner glass of the door was “smashed to smithereens”, adding: “[Poppy] was very upset. If she has been in the kitchen at the time, it could have been catastrophic.”

While the incident happened on August 5th, Whirlpool has taken three months to process it. They removed the oven to make checks on the appliance, which they said would only last six weeks.

However, they took until November 8th to write to Ms Burton, with the letter saying a “rigorous inspection” found there was no fault with the product, denying any responsibility for the explosion.

A spokesperson from the company said: “We appreciate this was a distressing incident for Mrs Burton. We apologise for the delay in processing her case, which was due to administrative error.”

In response, the grandmother told the newspaper she would not use Whirlpool again, particularly as the 17-month-old oven was well within the warranty when it faulted.

This comes after Whirlpool was heavily criticised by MPs after 500,000 tumble dryers were recalled last July because they were found to be unsafe.

There could be a further 800,000 faulty tumble dryers still being used in households, putting users at risk, as 54 fires have been reported as a result of Whirlpool tumble dryers in the last few years, revealed the Independent.

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Grandmother’s Whirlpool Oven ‘Exploded Like A Bomb’